The Eastern Shore of Virginia Guide Book
 The Eastern Shore of Virginia Guide

Off 13, The Eastern Shore of Virginia Guide Book

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It's not surprising that the Eastern Shore of Virginia remains largely undiscovered by tourists: It is often even left off the map! Two isolated Virginia counties unconnected to the rest of the state, the Virginia ocean and bay, dotted with small villages, generously endowed with history. The water is never far away here, and the pace of life is noticeably easier. 

This guidebook takes you virtually every corner of a part of the state that even most Virginians have never visited: Chincoteague Island, famous for its ponies and a fine ocean beach; remote Tangier, where the streets are too small for automobiles; historic Accomac, with its beautifully preserved old buildings and homes; and many even smaller and more out-of-the-way places like Oyster and Cherrystone, Pungoteague and Wachapreague, Franktown and Horntown and Modest Town. And islands as diverse as Wallops, from which rockets blast off into outer space, and uninhabited Cobb, for which you'll need your boat.